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May 22 2017


AMROCK Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations

AMROCK started in the June 2009 with the Aim of “DO More with Less” by three young entrepreneurs using a handsome experience in the industrial market. Inside a stint of time we have been one of the main services providers in the area of Electrical, Mechanical & Signage Solutions catering to the Govt. & private sectors in India & abroad.
We presume in providing a total turnkey solutions as opposed to just selling an individual product or single service to the market and that is what differentiates us from your others.
Today’s market demands different of merchandise, services and new ideas. Bearing in mind our motto and business strategies we have developed our skills in multi direction in order to cater the market needs thereby achieving our business goals.

Our Dynamic project team accounts for the entire responsibility for your execution of our tailored solutions for the toughest projects at different locations, actively working together with the client and punctiliously satisfying their organizational needs. We adhere to the highest ethical standards within our relationship with your client and our employees. We presume our responsibilities also extend beyond boundaries with the business.
Cable Cleats:
Single Hole Clamp design is offerred by AMROCK to mount single or multi core cable, conduits and hoses in indoor and outdoor applications.
We offer following sizes in Single Way Clamps. Kindly e mail us if specific dimensions are required.
High Tensile Strength
Resistance against UV, Heat, Acids, Moisture and Radioactive Emissions
Flame Retardant
Suitable for supporting Single Core PVC/ HRPVC, XLPE, XLPE Insulated Aluminium, Un- Armoured, Earth And Un Earth Power Cables from 1.1 Kv to 132 KV Grade Utilized in Tunnels, Bridges, Power Generation Stations, Sub-Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Switchgear Plants, Industrial Installation, Terminal Kits These may be used for outdoor or indoor for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries
Can be simply stacked on common fixings to save lots of time and the room.
Saves space, in height and width.
Suitable for fixing to any preslotted rung design.
Readily available for bolt fixing from underneath the rung.
Compact and Light Design.
Rungs between the clamps support the load distribution due to efficient Clamp design.
Low product price and low installation cost.
Cable Pulling System
Cable Management System
Signage System
Electrical Panels
Electrical Poles
Electricals Projects : Layout design, Cable Management, Electrical Panel Designing. Supply and erection of Cable Management.
Mechanical Projects : Water Supply Piping, DM Water Plants, Electrical Fencing, Grating Structures with Handrails and its particular accessories, Walk Way Bridges, Specific light-weight Walk Methods of current running traffic infrastructure.
Thermal Projects : Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers.
IT and Surveillance Projects : Design and Networking, CCTV System, IT Infrastructure Management and Maintenance.
Fire Safety Projects : Industrial, Residential, Hospitals, Multiplexes or Public Fire Safety Project from Design, Engineering to Installations.
Signage and Road Safety Projects : Innovative Corrosion and Maintenance-free Road Safety Products like Signage, Side rail, Handrails, Poles, Barrier,Highlighter, Rod Studs, Special Traffic Control System, Cycling Tracks.
To get more information about Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations check this popular web site: read here

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